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How do I enhance my value so I can avoid being vulnerable if another layoff or downsizing occurs?

Keeping our jobs is the No. 1 goal during a downturn in the economy that causes restructuring and flattening of organizations. We need to be valued so highly that we take charge of our own destiny.

These tips will make you more purposeful about influencing how you are viewed by your boss and the other decision makers in your company.

1) Since bosses usually keep their most-valued top performers, BECOME ONE.The perception of your performance will affect the layoff decision, so ask what you need to do to improve NOW. A manager told me this was the determining factor with one employee during the last downsizing. He felt his proactive behavior would be even more valuable since there would be fewer people on his team to do the work.

2). Work to get involved in a high-priority revenue mainstream project that is endorsed by executives two levels up, if possible. You may be at risk if you're not working on projects that are very important to the success of the company. Strong sales and service departments are necessities for long-term survival.

3) Get your attitude in the right place immediately. An executive told me about his department's last restructure that required him to reduce his headcount. Since the two men in question were performing at the same level, he chose to keep the one who was more positive in accepting the company changes and turning them into his advantage. The other man talked constantly about his struggles and worries about everything. He saw himself as a victim instead of a victor taking responsibility for his outcome.

4) Make the person you report to look good by your performance. Learn what her goals are and how she'll be measured. Ask how you can help her be more successful even if it means more work for you.

5) Become a decisive self-starter, and strive to be viewed as an energetic person who enthusiastically gets things done.

6) Observe the company strategy for next year, and learn NEW SKILLS that will make you important in implementing the new direction.

7) Even though you are already doing work that you inherited from those who were laid off earlier, offer to help on committees or in places that are short handed. When you VOLUNTEER before you're asked, you dramatically increase your value.

8) Aligning yourself with the important business priorities, revamping your attitude, learning new skills, volunteering to help, and making your boss look successful can increase your job security. Regardless, you'll enjoy your work more, and be better prepared to stay employed in the future.


"If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior."
                                                             William Glasser.

"We can learn to soar only in direct proportion to our determination to rise above the doubt and transcend
the limitations."
                                                              David McNally

"Our limitations are mostly self imposed." JJ Lauderbaugh

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