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A reader wrote:

"Hello: First let me say I found the articles on your website very informative.

I manage a Customer Service/E-Commerce department. Normally, I only take those calls that the CSR's are unable to handle. Every now and then I have to maintain firm ground which doesn't always mean the customer is pleased with my decision. There are times when the customer asks for the president's name or wants to speak to him directly. Our company is quite small and the president would rather I handle ALL calls and not forward any. I'm wondering what is a good way to communicate this with the consumer without adding fuel to the fire."


FIRST, if you get a lot of customers complaining and asking to speak to the president, look at what changes need to be made to cut down on the complaints.

SECOND, If you are the last stop for the customer, you should have a title that implies authority, not just supervisor or manager, even if that is your title. When a customer asks or needs to be transferred to you, your CSR should use your title with reverence. Role play how they say it to the customer.

THIRD, it’s possible your CSR’s need to be empowered to handle upset customers better so they don’t have to be given to you.

FOURTH, If the call does come to you, use your lower voice which is more authoritative; act and sound confident and don’t let the customer get to you or make you take the situation personally. If you’re truly caring, personable and working to get in the customer’s shoes, your manner will disarm them. You should also have something to offer them if the company has made a mistake, etc. This is assuming you want to retain the customer. Remember, it takes five times more money and effort to secure a new customer than it does to retain the old one.

FIFTH, are you empowered to be flexible and make adjustments under these stressful situations? If not, you have not been given the tools to do your job without sending the call to the president. If the president does not want the call AT ALL, give the customer a name, title and address to write to to complain. Have those letters come to you and later discuss them with the president on how he wants you to handle them.

Guest Writer Tips From Mr. Fanta$tic:

POSITIVE TIPS from Mr. Fanta$tic

You've probably heard of many great stories and examples of the power of Visualization, including the POW who played 18 holes in his head everyday for his 8 years of imprisonment and then shot par his first day back on the Golf Course.When you learn to visualize the end result of your efforts, it dramatically increases the odds for a successful outcome. If you're planning on buying a different Car within the next
year, go to the Dealership today and take a Camera. Have a friend or the Salesperson snap your picture sitting in the exact model that you want and have your local Photo Store or Drug Store blow it up into a Poster. Then, look at it many times each day as you are reading your written Goal out loud and be prepared for some amazing results.

We should all be aware of the Questions we ask ourselves. Instead of asking; "Why am I so forgetful?", how about; "What can I do to start remembering better?". Instead of; "Why am I so sloppy?", how about; "How can I become neater and more organized?". Instead of; "Why am I so unlucky?", how about; "How can I become better prepared to recognize opportunities?". If we want better Answers, we need to start asking better Questions.

SALES SKILL from Mr. Fanta$tic

For those of us who do all or part of our business via the Phone, we should appreciate the awesome value of Using the Left Ear Only. It's been proven that the Right Ear goes to the left hemisphere of the Brain, which is the logical, common sense, and rational part of our thinking process. On the other hand, the Left Ear goes to the right hemisphere, which is the creative and emotional part of the thinking process. If you
want to start selling with more Emotion, Use the Left Ear Only. Even if you use a dual headset, please remove the foam over the right side, tape up the opening, and then put the foam back on. This one idea could increase your effectiveness by at least 20%.

About the Author, Mr. Fanta$tic:

STAN (Mr. Fanta$tic) BILLUE, CSP doubled his Income for 5 consecutive years in Sales and is a recognized expert in Sales Skills, Motivation, Mentoring, and Marketing. You can contact him at sbillue@cfl.rr.com or learn more at http://www.stanbillue.com


The conditions of conquest are always easy. We have but to toil awhile, endure awhile, believe always, and never turn back.
                                                                       - Marcus Annaeus Seneca

"We can learn to soar only in direct proportion to our determination to rise above the doubt and transcend
the limitations."
                                                                      - David McNally


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