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What is the one thing that I can do that will keep me on the right path to attaining our department goals, and keep me sane through the busy holidays ahead?


Remember and apply what you already know. Too many times we get in information overload and forget to apply some of the things we have heard or learned in the past.

I was recently reminded of this through a movie two different people, a dancer friend and a relative, suggested we see.

It was called, What the Bleep Do We Know!? This is the summary of the movie:

Documentary elements and elaborate visual effects are combined with a narrative to probe the inner workings of the universe, and the connection between religion and science. The heroine, Amanda (Marlee Matlin), becomes a sort of Alice in Wonderland when her life literally begins to unravel. Meanwhile, 14 top real-life scientists and spiritual mystics act as a Greek chorus.

After reading the lofty summary, I was not sure it would be my kind of movie, but went to see it anyway. I'm glad I did as it reinforced one of the most important things I've learned and applied in the past, personally and professionally.

That is that your mind is powerful, and you are creating your world around you by your thoughts.

If you have attended any of my customer care classes, you will remember hearing me say, "Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our emotions and our emotions cause our motion (what we do/attitude). All starting with the thoughts we have first thing in the morning and through the day."

In the movie, the main character demonstrated a negative attitude and lifestyle. Things kept going from bad to worse until she changed the way she thought about herself and the situations around her. Her positive
thoughts created positive changes.

The movie reminded me that every negative thought you have creates more negativity. Every positive thought creates a more positive environment. The movie was a jolt back to what I already knew but didn't always remember to apply.

Securing A Job:

Within a week after seeing the movie, I had a chance to test and apply this theory. I was working with a frustrating situation trying to book a 5-day evaluation of the environment and customer-care training week for a large company. The man from their purchasing department who had to create the PO number (purchase order) for the job was not communicating well with his internal customers. The manager working to hire me was extremely frustrated with his purchasing department.

Remembering the movie, I purposely made positive comments to the manager. I told him that we would get the PO number soon, and it would all be worth his effort. After a few other positive suggestions, the manager went to the purchasing agent and told him what needed to be done and how to facilitate it.

Within an hour the PO number was in a fax on my desk. The manager called to say how he had handled it, and how he was proud of himself for being positive and professional in the process. He felt great about himself and how he had handled the situation.

Hiring A New Accountant:

During this same time, my accountant of 26 years told me she was retiring, so I started interviewing accountants. Each of the four accountants I interviewed gave different first impressions and levels of professionalism.

It was stressful going through the interviews, but worthwhile to compare the participants. It was an interesting study on human nature. All the accountants demonstrated their attitudes and thoughts. Perhaps all of them knew the positive thought theory, but not all demonstrated it.

The one I chose was the most positive and had the best professional image. He had also been interviewing me. He wanted to know if I would be a positive pleasure to work with through the years too.

Death In The Family:

Also during this same time, my husband's mother passed away after a long illness. Last weekend we attended her memorial in Eugene, Oregon.

My husband and his brothers and their wives had said their goodbyes long before she died. Memorials and funerals are usually thought of as negative events to say final goodbyes. But in this case, it was very positive because the three brothers and their wives had prepared what they were going to say in the service with positive thoughts.

Each person who spoke made it a wonderful celebration of her life. We shared our most positive memories, laughed at things that others shared and were thankful we had had the opportunity to know and love this woman of positive thoughts.

At the dinner that followed the memorial, one at a time we read through a scrap book she had made. It contained sayings, cartoons and articles on positive thinking and how it can change lives.

Don't Forget What You Know!

The one thing you can do that will make a difference in reaching your goals and enjoying the holidays too, is to monitor your thoughts for the next week at home and work. Then you will know if you are applying what you know about powerful positive thinking.

If you have had more negative thoughts than positive ones, start saying "cancel, cancel" to the negative, and replace them with positive thoughts. Think about what you want to happen, not what is or what you do not want to happen. Your mind is powerful....use it positively! It will change the quality of your life.

The Effects Upon Water of Thoughts, Feelings, Music, Etc.

The book, Messages from Water, Vol 2, By Masaru Emoto focuses entirely on the effects upon water of thoughts, feelings, prayer, music, photographs of sacred sites, etc. The results are astounding, and create a convincing testimony to the author's thesis. The real message from water, and the implications of this research, are quite profound, that our thoughts, words and feelings carry an immense creative energy, an energy which we so often take for granted and use so thoughtlessly throughout our daily lives!

Book: Messages from Water, Vol 2, By Masaru Emoto (Doctor of Medicine Alternativa) For more information



"The worst thing in your life may contain seeds of the best. When you can see crisis as an opportunity, your life becomes not easier, but more satisfying."
- Joe Kogel

łA wise man will make more opportunities then he finds."
- Francis Bacon

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
- Carl Bard

"Climbing teaches that the biggest barriers are not on the rock but in our minds."
- Jim Collins, Author, "Upward Bound"



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