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About JJ Lauderbaugh, CMC

JJ Lauderbaugh, CMC, is an International speaker, trainer and certified consultant to management from San Jose, California. The programs and seminars offered by her organization focus on the management of customer relations which include empowerment, coaching, teamwork, telecommunication for inbound and outbound call centers, telemarketing, cross-selling and up-selling, verbal and non-verbal communication, front line customer care, corporate image and projecting professionalism through the service culture.

She evaluates the environment of groups by conducting one-on-one confidential interviews, monitoring their call center and benchmarking them against the best across the country. A verbal debriefing of her findings is given to management and she customizes her programs with the information gleaned from the evaluation. She also does manager and executive coaching.

She brings to her high impact, high energy keynotes, seminars and consulting more than 25 years of experience. She has counseled thousands of professionals on how to be and look competent, inspire confidence in their employees and overcome internal roadblocks.

Audiences consistently rate her excellent and "best speaker" because of her warm, intelligent style that combines personal experience with proven techniques. She has been the top rated speaker at many conferences.

She was the founder and owner of a personal development school in San Jose, California. She has also served as advertising consultant, sales manager, customer service director and director of operations for several firms.

Her strong service background combined with sales and soft skill development makes her different from others in the way she uses the service mindset to educate, motivate and inspire bottom line results.

JJ Lauderbaugh is in the Directory of Personal Image Consultants and is an active member of the National Speakers Association as well as the National Bureau of Certified Consultants. She is the author of:

"Customer Service Management
in a Telemarketing Environment
The Key to Corporate Survival"

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