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A reader wrote: What motivates you to renew yourself, to be a better manager, a better call center rep, a better customer service or sales person?


Everyone is motivated by different things. If you ask yourself what would motivate you in any given situation, your answer would depend on your circumstances at the moment.

What motivates you may not motivate anyone else who is working with you or for you.

If you are strapped for money to feed your family and supply basic needs, MONEY will be your motivator.

If you have been longing for a cruise vacation to relax and pamper yourself, MONEY, or winning a contest with a cruise for the prize would motivate you.

If you feel unappreciated or overlooked in your work environment, RECOGNITION by management would motivate you to perform better.

If you are a competitive person who likes a good challenge, CONTESTS will motivate you to win, whatever the prize.

If you thrive on personal interaction and camaraderie, you'll be motivated by leaders and teammates who communicate well to create a strong and caring WORK-FAMILY environment.

If you are a single parent or are caring for an older parent, you would be motivated by a FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE.

Your age and generation will predetermine what motivates you to some degree too. The different generations have had unique circumstances that programmed them to be motivated the way they are.

People living through the big depression are motivated by control, work ethics and money, for obvious reasons.


These are people with ages in the late twenties to forty (born 1965 to 1975). They are called latch-key kids as they had to let themselves in after school because their parents were working.

They are motivated by a quality work FAMILY that has FUN on the job. They are media savvy and want to be challenged. What works with one may not work with another as they are also very individualistic.

Discover what motivates you and others on your team. Get into a discussion with your teammates and leaders. Make sure everyone has a say and is heard.Brainstorm some ideas on how to motivate everyone to stretch to their next level.

Then you can help the decision makers provide the best individual and team incentives to improve job skills and performance.

Ultimately, you will renew yourself and your team to provide better customer service, and increase sales too.


"Please remember that every day is January 1st. It doesn¹t matter what you did or what happened to you yesterday - That is December 31st. Today is a new beginning - It's January 1st!
- Ray Pelletier

Ray also wrote . . .
³When you give yourself Permission to Win, you'll be calling forth the champion inside yourself. And when that champion steps forward, so will the recognition of your mission and the clear path to its fulfillment - the path that leads to the realization of the most precious of all blessings . . .inner peace.

Do it. Call up your champion. Decide! Today, turn that champion loose! Gang, I love you all. Go For it!"
- From Ray Pelletier's book, Permission to Win

(Ray passed away recently. His impact on those he coached is immeasurable. Undivided Miami is a non-profit organization founded by Ray Pelletier Jr., that is working to bring unity to the city of Miami by connecting and empowering young spiritual leaders across ethnic and denominational lines.)

Ray Pelletier made a difference, and so can you!


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