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Will affirmations really help you change your behavior, reach goals and succeed in work and life?


Absolutely! What you dwell on is what you get. Your self talk (inner dialogue with yourself) continually programs what you are attracting. If you don't like the way things are going, habits you've developed, or people you're attracting, start saying affirmations about what you would like to attract.

The dictionary says an affirmation (noun) is the action or process of affirming or being affirmed. When you affirm something to yourself, you start the process of becoming it.

Self help teachers have told us that saying and thinking affirmations will change our lives, and they have been teaching it for decades.

Ask goal-oriented professionals, especially top salespeople if they have used affirmations to reach their project or sales goals, and you'll find an overwhelming yes answer. Your affirmations will cause you to dwell on what you want, and to seek ways to draw it to you.

A longtime friend of mine called this week when I was cleaning out the bookcase in my office. The bookcase had gotten a little too full and lacked space for new books. My friend called to say she had collected some pictures of updated kitchens she was going to send to me. I said, "Great, I'll add
them to the ones I have on my affirmation wall next to my bookcase." She asked what an affirmation wall was.

I told her it was a visual reminder of what I want to attract into my life, and I speed up the process by seeing and visualizing the pictures. For example, I had a picture of a small burgundy, Acura TL sporty-model car there for a while, and now I have that car. I took the car picture down and the new kitchen and other affirmation pictures are now on my wall waiting to become a reality.

After talking to my friend, I continued to clear the bookcase and what should fall out of one of the books, but an email newsletter on affirmations that I had saved. It was written by sales trainer and speaker Tim Connor, CSP.

His newsletter was giving a success tip about affirmations, and how they can make your dreams of success come true. Success is a state of mind, in fact, that is the title of a new book co-authored by Ivy Meadors.

I have been teaching affirmations to my audience as Connor has for over twenty five years. Many people have used affirmations to overcome habits and other obstacles that were keeping them from being successful.

An affirmation is simply saying, first person,"I", present tense, "am", followed by a positive statement of what you would like to make a reality. For instance, if I wanted to lose 5 pounds, I would say, "I am 116 pounds, eat sensibly, exercise daily and love the way I look and feel. I would also put a picture of a slender woman I admire on my affirmation board or wall.

If you are saying to yourself that you have tried saying such an affirmation and you are still at the higher weight, then you have a conflicting affirmation going in the opposite direction. The conflicting affirmation is
probably saying (in your self talk), "I can eat anything I want anytime I want because I work hard, am tired and I deserve it." You have now short circuited your original affirmation and confused your subconscious mind.

Tim Connor said, "You must guard the entrance to your mind, heart, etc. so that not a single contradictory thought, emotion, doubt, fear gets in - either from your own self talk or the people in your life with whom you interact. After a thousand repetitions of, - I am wealthy, you can't say casually to yourself at 2:30, I don't know how I am going to make this month's rent. You see the mind is now confused."

He goes on to say, "You must believe in your heart, cellular structure, recesses of your mind, get it, everywhere, that what you are affirming is not a future event but a present reality."

The key to your success is that you must take action that is consistent with your affirmation, and genuinely believe you can do it or have it. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. Therefore you must strive to be consistent in your thinking and beliefs to eliminate confusion or short circuiting your affirmation.

Connor says, "It works, but you have to work it! Remember: Belief, Protection and Action." And I say, reinforce it with your affirmation pictures too.

Don't procrastinate, in five years, you are going to be five years older than you are today. If you keep doing what you're doing in the same old way, you'll be the same or possibly worse. Strive to be better in what you do and who you are. Affirm the new you and who you will be in five years!

Start today! Create one or two affirmations that will make a difference in your work and life!

"What you dwell on is what you get."
-  JJ Lauderbaugh

"If you don't make changes when changes are due, you will bring in drama and trauma to make the changes anyway."
-  JJ Lauderbaugh


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