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Must a person always struggle to accomplish their personal and work goals?


If you feel as though you are always swimming upstream and it is a major struggle to accomplish the goals you have set, step back and look at what you are afraid of that is causing the blocks (struggle) to your success. Are you afraid you won’t have the expertise that is needed? Are you afraid your goal is unattainable? Are you afraid you won’t have enough time? Are you afraid you will be judged? These fears are blocks (excuses) you are setting up for yourself.

It doesn’t matter why you have these blocks or how these fears originated. Write them down and notice how they are excuses sabotaging your projects and goals.

If you procrastinate and work on non-priority things because they are visible and more enjoyable to do, clear them from your workspace. Mark your calendar to attend to them later. This is also called clutter. If you always see the clutter of things to do, you will waste time doing them instead of your priority projects.

List the main priorities of what you want to accomplish each day after you have broken your projects down into smaller, doable tasks. Then put on your blinders (so to speak) and do what is in front of you. Override your fears and go with the flow of the work to be done.

Many of my clients and friends have found themselves unemployed with the economic downturn. They have struggled to find a comparable position for months and all their fears have contributed to major struggles. Companies that have been hanging on as long as they could are now closing their doors which is causing more jobs to be lost and fewer job openings.

A colleague of mine found herself unemployed for eight months and she finally stopped swimming upstream trying to find a job in the area in which she had worked and lived. Finally, she considered interviewing in other nearby states and relocating. To her amazement, she was hired by an organization that allowed her to do the job she loved to do in her area of expertise. They were thrilled to have her join them and was willing to give her far more benefits and much better working conditions than she had ever experienced. They even paid for her move and gave her the time to do it in a comfortable, non-stressful way. I said to her, “You have been swimming upstream trying to stay in this area for your work and now you are going with the flow! You are on your way! Enjoy the journey!”

You need to be willing to let your work and personal goals be altered as they progress. Be open to new ways of doing the same old thing. Surrender to new possibilities and you will be amazed at the serendipity that occurs. It will seem magical. With this new attitude, you will surprise yourself and attract different ways to reach your goals.

Learn to go with the flow. It has been said that running water does not run backward, so look ahead, not back. Meredith Vieira, former co-host of the View, co-host of the Today show and host of the syndicated game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was recently asked what her biggest regret was. She said, “I don’t believe in looking back. There’s nothing you can do about the past.” Look ahead to the possibility of new options.

When you swim upstream against the flow, you’ll also feel as though you are on a treadmill or trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Open your mind and practice possibility thinking because what you think about and talk about, you will bring about. Be thankful for what you have accomplished and in advance, be thankful for what you want to accomplish.

Change your beliefs about what is possible. Eliminate the clutter and fear excuses. Ask yourself, what keeps coming into my thoughts on directions to go? Heed those thoughts as they may be your path of least resistance. Instead of struggling, find a way to go with the flow.


“One-half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it."
- Sidney Howard

“Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do.”
- Norman Vincent Peal

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