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How do you get out of a rut or an old pattern to go in a new direction you feel you would like?


When new opportunities have not fallen in your lap or you have missed recognizing them if they did, you feel stuck. Many people say they are in a rut or that they keep repeating a pattern that keeps them stuck.

If you are not happy where you are, how did you get there? Many transitions and crossroads led you to where you are personally and professionally today. Were you aware of those moments and times or did you just let life happen? If things just seemed to happen, you were blowing along with the wind.

You've probably noticed that on a windy day a leaf or a piece of paper you tried to pick up kept blowing in directions you didn't expect. Sometimes you were successful in picking them up and other times they escaped you.

Look back at the decisions you made that brought you to this point. Are you aware that your present positions are the sum total of your past and present choices. Yes, you might have been influenced by others, but you made the choices.

Don't blame others or be angry at them for gaining your trust and influencing you. Let it go and move on with your newly gained awareness of your past decisions.

It is never too late to make changes and create new patterns in your life and work. It takes some good ole soul searching and stepping out of your rut (comfort zone) to uncover the new direction you desire.

Have the courage to pursue it with a new-found passion! Then the Law of Attraction will help you make it a reality!

Start with small steps leading you in the new direction. Watch what you attract. Be aware that it may not happen as fast as you would like or materialize the way you envisioned, but you are making it happen.

In my coaching, consulting and conducting confidential interviews to Evaluate the Environment of a company, clients tell me personal information about their relationships and work situations.

One man found himself in a very stressful high-powered job that was making him extremely unhappy. He didn't feel he could quit because he needed the high income to support the lifestyle he and his wife had established. His twelve and fourteen hour work days left no time for his wife or children. He was also afraid the marriage was falling apart.

There is actually no separation of your personal and professional lives, and both situations were making him and his wife have stress-related illnesses. It was time to make changes to salvage their health and marriage.

They decided to spend one day of each weekend alone to reconnect. Then they discussed how he could work smarter in his job and cut his hours so they would have time to plan their future. Gradually they made the transition into fulfilling his dream of owning his own business.

Yes, sacrifices were made but everyone was healthier and happier than they had been for years!

They moved out of their rut, stopped old patterns and successfully transitioned through another important crossroad together!


"If you do not know where you're going, you may miss it when you get there."
~ Ac'Cent Graphics & Printing

"Be what you want others to see."
~ Anonymous

"Your view of life is what makes your life."
~ Anonymous


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