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Do you truly love your job or are you just playing the role of loving or maybe liking your job? Be honest, do you possibly hate going to work?


There isn't a job in the world that you would totally love. Some parts of your job are more interesting and fun than others. There are always parts that you wish someone else would do. And sometime you can delegate those tasks to people who works with you.

An article in our June 2013 San Jose Mercury News had the headline: Workers turned off, tuned out, poll finds. It caught my eye since my job for many years has been helping people in the workplace create a better quality of life for themselves. In doing so they become more productive and happier in their work environment and their company benefits. It's a win-win!

The article said "Seven out of 10 workers have 'checked out' at work or are 'actively disengaged' according to a recent Gallup survey."

"The poll, released last week, examined worker engagement beginning 2010 and ending in 2012."

The article said "The survey classifies three types of employees among the 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs: Those 'actively engaged,' 30 million workers; Those not engaged -- employees just going through the motions at work—about 50 million; and Those 'actively disengaged,' who hate going to work—about 20 million— who undermine their companies with their attitude, according to the report."

WOW! That's a lot of people under-performing at their companies!

This information grabbed my attention because companies often hire me to improve morale, attitudes and productivity. With so many disengaged employees out there, companies are having a tough time getting people to give a hundred percent and love their jobs.

If you recognize yourself in the not engaged or actively disengaged categories from the poll, it's time to reevaluate why you are in your present job. What were the circumstances that brought you to it? What have you learned there? Patience perhaps? What have you contributed? Have you tried to love this job? Why not? What would need to change for you to love it?

Is your job or boss making you stressed, ill or angry? How is that working for you? Have you tried to improve the situation with crucial conversations? Have you checked your own attitude and worked to adjust it? How is your health with extra stress?

What would your ideal job be there or with another company? Have you ever loved a job? What's holding you back from enjoying it? What needs to change for you to love it?

It takes a bit of soul searching to answer these questions, but in the end, you will learn a lot about yourself and why you are not engaged in your job.

You may even be jealous of those who do love their jobs. They actually look forward to going to work to make their unique contribution there. You may even hear them say, "I get to go to work, I'm so lucky!" It's the attitude of the engaged employee!

If you feel economically stuck in your job for the time being, work to become more engaged so when you do move on, you will have a good reference. You might even surprise yourself and learn to love it!


"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."
- Charles Swindoll

"The only way to do great work is to love the work you do."
- Steve Jobs


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