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Is job stress getting you down? Do you have personal or relationship problems on top of it too?


Everyone knows that stress can make you exhausted, causing loss of appetite or overeating, over drinking and smoking, restless sleep, headaches, high blood pressure and extra tension leading to serious physical problems!

Learning how to better manage stress can be a lifesaver for you! It can improve the quality of your workday and life.

Kaiser Permanente Thrive Newsletter listed these signs of stress: "frustration, constant worrying, feeling bad about yourself, being irritable or angry a lot, feeling like you can’t do your job anymore." Others signs are "being sick a lot, yelling, using bad language with coworkers or not wanting to go to work.”

Look for the causes of your stress and develop some coping mechanisms. Talk to others involved in your situation before you feel like blowing up with anger. Others can’t read your mind! They need to know you are starting to reach a boiling point and changes need to be made NOW, not later!

Some of those causes may be changes in your working conditions that are beyond your control. You’ll find differences in the way co-workers communicate or work. You may be saddled with training new personnel when you are already overloaded with obligations and deadlines.

Some of the stress can be reduced by accepting the changes and doing your part to overcome them rather than resisting them. It is what it is, so change your mindset about it. The bottom line is that the company must survive or you don’t have a job or income!

Speak to co-workers and discuss what is not working for you and listen to what is a frustration for them. Then brainstorm solutions together so there is buy-in and cooperation from everyone involved to lighten the tension.

Kaiser’s Thrive stated that everyone has a different style of communication and it is important to be assertive, not aggressive! “Assertive people are clear and direct in what they want without hurting any feelings; the end result can be a solution that works for everyone."

Make a plan, work your plan and hold everyone accountable to the new plan with scheduled meetings on your progress! Don’t skip this last step or you may find yourself right back where you started.

At the same time, look at your life/work balance. Are personal problems affecting your work or the reverse? Are your relationships supporting you or pulling you down? Do you feel in control or out of control in your personal life? Are changes needed in any of these areas? If the answer is yes, talk to someone you trust, and work to make a plan to change what is concerning you.

Be strong and take control of your personal life and it will help your overall stress level!

Strive to keep a reasonable life/work balance for the rest of your life and you will be healthier and happier too!


"The best way to predict the future, is to invent it."
~ Alan Kay

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in
~ Mahatma Gandhi


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