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How are you making a difference in your personal life and at work? Have you thought about how your presences affects others? What can you do to make a bigger difference?


A USA Weekend article in last Sunday’s San Jose Mercury News caught my attention. The title was YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, TOO! It said that USA WEEKEND magazine and NBC have joined together for Make A Difference Day 2014 on October 25.

You may choose to be part of a large project along with millions of volunteers across the nation — to improve the lives of others, or look closer to home or work to make your difference. For participating in a large project, click on www.makeadifferenceday.com.

Look back to how you have been a helping hand to your family and friends in the past. Have you become too busy to notice there is a need for you to offer them help again? It may have been a simple jester of showing interest in what they are working to accomplish in a hobby or at work. Everyone likes to know that someone cares about them and their interests.

You might have heard about people who pay the toll for the car after them on a toll bridge even though they don’t know them. That generosity can influence the attitude of the person who received the surprise. Then they may pay it forward and buy the coffee for a stranger at Starbucks that day. Then they could stop to offer assistance to an older person struggling with putting groceries in their car at the grocery store. It can be quite a day for a number of people because one person decided to make a small difference with the person in the car behind them.

Who in your workplace needs a little encouragement from you? Have you noticed that someone is struggling or seems overly stressed with their present workload? Perhaps it’s time to talk to them and offer some help, or get other people to pitch in too. Isn’t that what teams are all about as they pull together to get the work done in a timely manner? By your offering to help one of your teammates you may set a good example for others to do the same. Whether you have anyone report to you or not, you can be a leader in how you interact with others.

My husband enjoys the Mac products and in the past even worked with Steve Jobs on some his projects. He makes a huge difference when he lends a helping hand to friends and relatives who need help in learning how to get the most from their new iPhone, tablet or Mac computer.

Jim Pancero is a speaker friend who volunteers to photograph the Junior Olympics events in his area. There is no doubt that his pictures make a huge difference in the lives of those participating youth.

We were out to dinner with friends last night and I asked them if anyone had ever made a big difference in their lives. Steve was eager to share how a professor guided him to continue his education at a different school than he had selected. He attended that recommended engineering school with better name recognition and has been extremely grateful that he did. He feels his professor made a huge difference in his career and life!

Another friend shared that he manages a number of people and he is constantly inspired by them. He said “In my work we are a team. My employees have great ideas and they are a real inspiration to me! They make a difference to me!”

You might consider writing a heartfelt letter or note to someone who has or does make a difference in your life. You might be surprised by the positive response you’ll receive. This has made a fantastic difference in the relationships of attendees in my seminars who have followed through with this suggestion. Many have enthusiastically told me later about their unexpected benefits of writing their note.


"I am working to accomplish something today and not merely exist!"
~ MarriEds Jr Women’s Club motto

"You can make a difference, Too!”


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