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How often are you able to see the other side of a conflict or problem? Do you generally give the benefit of the doubt in negative situations or do you dig your heels in and refuse to change your mind?


Whether you're selling, serving or just living, getting in the other person’s shoes is essential! Otherwise you become biased and stuck in your own thoughts and this often adds fuel to the fire.

When you become aware of a situation or conflict you are involved in, you react with surprise and sometimes even shock. What you do after that is extremely important to navigate the situation successfully.

If trust has been broken, you naturally feel hurt and somewhat disillusioned. You may get angry and even feel sick. As your emotions of shock and disbelief take hold, stop thinking about yourself and how it’s affecting you. It may not be all about you but other situations and people. Give the benefit of the doubt until you have enough information to start salvaging the situation.

Stay calm and refrain from pushing back or retaliating! Listen to the details of what led up to the situation. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and feel their frustration, anxiety or pain that led to the breach or break. When you understand how they’re feeling, it often begins to soften the blow. Then you can help repair the damage if you deem it to be repairable.

Working through the process takes time, and a very willing partner can help speed the process. By getting in each other's shoes, you both can relax as you explore the possibilities of repair and new ways of resolving conflicts. Many times an accumulation of events and people have contributed to the situation. Discovering what set it in motion, sometimes unknowingly, and noticing the chain of events that took place is the start of the healing process that is needed. Back up and start at the beginning to finally get to the end and resolution.

If the foundation of the relationship is strong and both sides are willing to work on resolving the issue, the relationship can be saved. This is true with business as well as personal relationships.

A relationship can become stronger than before because you have worked through conflicts.

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"People have within their own hands, the tools to fashion their own
~ Murray D. Lincoln

"There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough
time to do the most important thing."
~ Brian Tracy


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