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Last month I wrote about reflecting on the milestones in your life, and there were so many responses I decided to share some of them with you.

What milestones are you looking forward to in your life or work? What milestones (crossroads) have already been significant and memorable to you?


Ian Jacobsen responded with,
“Don’t let your milestones become your millstones.” That’s good advice too as many times big birthdays ending in a zero make people feel old and sent out to pasture. Some get stuck in their glory days of high school championships when they scored the winning game or touchdown. We’ve all observed both examples with co-workers, friends and family. They peaked and the event became the millstone (or stone around their neck) that kept them from going on to even bigger and better things. You recognize these people by what they talk about and it’s usually that big milestone event. Don’t let your milestones become millstones that weigh you down or stop your growth and awesomeness.
Other readers asked about adding prayer or meditation to the Five Minutes of Quiet Time I referenced. As a corporate speaker/consultant, I don’t speak or write about religion or politics. Anything that gives you time to relax, think and program your day and life in a positive direction is in the category of Five Minutes of Quiet Time, regardless of what label you put on it.

Another reader ask the question of whether you are moving upstream against the current of life or downstream with the current. If life is a constant struggle you are swimming upstream and finding obstacles in your way. Water finds its way around boulders and follows the avenue of least resistance as it carves out a new path. Downstream leads you to your goals and dreams and is far less stressful. It’s also called mind over matter thinking that opens up unlimited possibilities. Have positive downstream thinking and you’ll eliminate more obstacles!

To know if you’re thinking downstream, notice if you are having feel-good moments. If you are, you are going downstream! If not, you are going upstream!

A number of other readers said they were going to reread it, print it and send it on to other people who would also benefit from it. Thank you for all your nice comments, questions and suggestions. Each one was very appreciated!

After my husband Scott read my September newsletter, he gave me two of his favorite quotes about people and their tendencies. They're listed below. Which ones are you?


“There are two kinds of people in the world: The Builder / Maintainers and The User / Consumers.”
~ Author Unknown

"There are three kinds of people in the world: Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened."
~ Author Unknown


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