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Where are you feeling stuck? Is it your job, sales, relationship, health or possibly your weight?


Whatever it is, you can get unstuck by declaring your intentions to turn it in a new direction. There are two sides to it, what you don’t want and what you do want! When you dwell on what you don’t want, you perpetuate it! When you think about what you do want, you open the door to getting it.

People stay in avoidance (thinking of what they don't want) and therefore keep what they desire at bay!

A common example of this would be a woman who always feels fat with the extra 10 to 30 or more pounds of weight she's been carrying around since her last child was born. She yoyo’s up and down with the latest diet and she’s not happy with herself. She feels stuck! If you asked her what she thinks and believes about her weight she would probably say, she just can’t get and keep her weight down regardless of what she does or wants. And that is what she believes!

A belief is only thoughts you have had over and over about a subject. You can change your belief by changing your thoughts. Your mind is powerful! What you think and say (self talk) to yourself can change a belief and open the door to change.

So ask yourself, “What do I want? Why do I want it? How will I feel when I get it? With your answers, you are putting your intentions out to attract what you want. When you keep thinking the answers to those questions, you will attract new ways of accomplishing your goal. This is the Law of Attraction at work.

A major key to making this happen quickly, is to only talk about the desired result and not the reality of what is now. When you talk about how it is now, you are looking at what you don’t want and you’ll stay stuck.

When you visualize the results, notice how good you feel! Keep your mind going in that direction and before long, you’ll feel like it’s a “done deal.” You will begin to believe it will happen -- and then it does. It may not happen as expected in the time frame you want, but it will happen.

Putting your intentions out there in your thoughts, changing your belief about it and expecting results will attract what you DO WANT!

Then, let it go! Don’t dwell on it! Let it happen as you look for feel-good feelings throughout your day. When you do think of your goal, tell yourself short stories of how it’s going to be when it materializes.

You can use this in your work to increase customer service, sales and a better working environment. Get your whole team thinking and believing in the new direction, and watch what happens!

If you are that woman (in my example) who is still battling her weight, here's a resource to help you finally achieve your goal! Stacy Weber is offering an amazing on-line program that will change your life! Click on her website for free tips to get started.



If you believe you can, and believe it strongly enough, you will be amazed at what you can do."
~ Nido R. Qubein



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