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Are you appreciating how fortunate you are to be living at this time? What do you appreciate the most and what delights you when you see it or think about it? Want more of it? Here’s how!


The dictionary says appreciation is: Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

If you would like more of what you already appreciate and like, start noticing more things and people to appreciate. Become aware of what you like and don’t like. Then dwell on what you like. What you dwell on is what you get!

It’s the law of attraction. It will raise your spirits, give you something to smile about and draw more positive people and things to you. It even helps others see qualities in you that they appreciate.

Your mind is powerful to change what and who comes into your life. Use it to create a better quality of life for yourself and those working around you.

Many years ago I attended a trade show booth of a woman who did professional speaking. I so appreciated what she did for a living at the time and even bought one of her products. A few years later I became a professional speaker and consultant too. Look around and appreciate what others do and it can affect your life in a positive way.

In my work of customer service training for front line staff, using the word appreciate has been one of my favorite ways to teach how to defuse irate customers. When they say, “I can appreciate how you’re feeling,” customers respond well if it's done with sincere caring. Customers complain until they know they've been heard and understood. The word appreciate acts as a neutralizer.

Expressing appreciation for what the customer is going through and getting in their shoes starts the resolution process. It’s better than saying, “I know how you’re feeling,” because you may not know or they don’t think you do. It can fuel the fire even more.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially when something has gone wrong and you’re the one to help them. It also gives you time to think on your feet for a possible solution.

Whether it’s at work or home, showing appreciation reflects your compassion for others and your environment.

Express it openly! Rally the troops around to join in your appreciation! When you do, everybody wins and the environment gets better!

It attracts more of the good life you want! Look around and start expressing your appreciation today!


"Remember, a life we love is often one small change away.
~ Sam Horn

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life."
~ Tony Robbins


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