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What are you remiss in taking care of in your business, life or other areas?


There are things we use daily that we assume will always keep working for us. When they don’t, they inconvenience us and cause our routines to get altered. These are things like technology, electricity, services and even our bodies.

This Saturday morning I noticed my iPhone was not charging and it wouldn’t seat into the charging chord or dock. All of a sudden my day was disrupted with the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to have my iPhone work as usual. Immediately I started thinking of ways to get it fixed as soon as possible. I wondered when I'd become so dependent on it, and what I had missed in taking care of it.

I thought of taking it to the Apple Store at the shopping center but knew I needed an appointment, and there would be a wait which would take up my whole day. In panic mode, I asked my husband what he thought I should do or could do. He went to his workshop and after a little poking around, found it had collected lint from my purse and clogged the opening that charges the phone.

When he plugged it in again it was sheer joy to find the charging cable worked to charge my IPhone! Yay!

My husband suggested I clean the bottom of my purse more often to avoid the problem.

It also made me think about other things that we take for granted and don’t care for when we should.

Relationships is a good one to ponder. Another is our own bodies and how well they are cared for on a daily and annual basis. What about the maintenance on our home and cars?

If these started breaking down, how disruptive would they be to our lives, both personally and professionally?

Life is full of big and little problems that stress us, but not nearly as many will occur if we're taking care of things before they break!

Some of you will remember that I’ve said many times that, “If you don’t make changes when changes are due, you’ll bring in drama and trauma to make you make those changes anyway!”

An example would be speeding unnecessarily knowing you’re breaking the law and putting yourself and others in danger. You know you should slow down, but you rationalize that it’s okay -- until you bring the drama of the red flashing lights from a police car behind you. Then it’s too late!

Take care of the things that are important to you now to have the life you want now and in the future!


"Change before you have to.”
~ Jack Welch


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