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How often do you offer acts of kindness in the workplace, in public or at home? Is that part of your thinking? Is it a natural way of life or do you need to remind yourself?


On a recent visit to one of my neighbor’s homes I noticed a sheet of heart-shaped stickers laying on the table. Since there were four little children in the household I figured they were having a craft project on the kitchen table. As I listened to the conversation I realized you had to earn one of the hearts by telling about an act of kindness that you’d performed.

Suddenly, little six year old Anna asked, “JJ, what act of kindness did you do today?” As surprised as I was, I quickly remembered back over my day and said, “While I was walking to your house I called a friend to see how she was doing after recently moving to another state. Her back was hurting from moving furniture and I gave her a suggestion on how to ease her pain.”

Anna was delighted and wanted to give me a heart sticker too. As adults, we don’t need to be given stickers for our acts of kindness. We’ve learned that it feels good when we help others who could use our help.

In your busy work week with deadlines and meetings, household obligations and families to care for, sometimes you may feel you’re the one who needs the act of kindness. As you rush to get home on the freeway, you probably are thinking that you’d like some acts of kindness there too. The tailgater, the speeder or the person who won’t let you merge into traffic can add unneeded stress when you’re already tired.

Whatever would make you feel good is what you need to do for others. Help someone meet their deadlines at work if you can make the time. Listen to what your friends and family members need or want. Help them know that someone notices and cares about them. Open doors for people and be aware when others are needing help. Sometimes giving a stranger a smile will brighten their day right when they needed it.

When you give without expecting anything in return, you feel great about yourself! The other person benefits and it’s a great way to build relationships with others in whatever you’re doing!

So as Anna asked, what acts of kindness have you performed today? At least, give away a few smiles!


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

~ Dr Wayne Dyer

"Remember, a life we love is often one small change away. And it doesn’t take courage or bravery to do it – it just takes DOING IT.”

~ Sam Horn


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