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How do I sort out all the new information I've received so I can adjust my position personally and professionally?

I've attended seminars, had some coaching, done research on my own and implemented some of the suggestions, but I'm still not making a difference in how others perceive me in my new habits and positioning.


The solution depends on your desire and commitment to make the necessary changes to reposition your self, team or company.

You may be working on increasing your customer service or sales, introducing up selling and cross selling to a customer service or order entry group, or going after a new market. You may be focusing on getting the "islands" of teams to work better together with total customer-focused cooperation, breaking old habits that are keeping you from being an admired and effective leader, or dealing with and understanding fears that are causing you to lose control when situations become too stressful.

There is no common answer, but there is a common process.

1. Ask WHY you want to change your position? What are your present circumstances causing the need for change? What are the problems?

2. Ask WHAT specific conditions would you like to create? What do you want? You must be specific. Play it out in your mind, over and over.

3. What BENEFITS will be yours when you've accomplished the new conditions? Visualize the outcome, the payoff.

4. Until the WHY is strong enough to cause a total COMMITMENT to make it happen, it will be just wishful thinking. The why is the fuel that will make it your new reality.

5. SURRENDER to the desired direction, and concentrate on the HOW. Implement the suggestions from your research, training and coaching that will impact the situation the most. Seeing immediate results and benefits will strengthen your resolve to speed the process.

6. It's not the decision to change that matters. It's your moment-to-moment CHOICES that either reinforce the decision or not. Perseverance and consistency, every day, will eventually bring you success. Make sure the WHY and BENEFITS are strong enough to make the COMMITMENT stick, and then you'll be on your way to getting your new position to become a recognized reality.




"It is impossible to have a desire without also having the means to attain it.

Whatever you truly desire is, in a sense, already yours. For you could not sincerely desire it, if you could not realistically expect to have it.

The more magnificent the desire, the more it will DEMAND of you. Even so, it is within your reach. And on a certain level you know this already, without any doubt. The desire itself is evidence.

Your dilemma is not that your desires are unobtainable, but rather which ones to pursue. Choose them thoughtfully, with care and integrity, because the ones you choose will come to pass.

The desires which you've previously chosen have brought you precisely to where you are right now. Just as surely will the desires you focus on TODAY bring about the substance of your TOMMORROW."


"Anything is possible when you focus on SOLUTIONS rather than problems."

Shelly Reese

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