Your most important customer is the one you have in front of you right now.

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College of Customer Care
(for staff interfacing with customers)
Develop customer awareness, learn professionalism and pride, develop winning attitudes, complaint handling, words and phrases to use and avoid to defuse angry customers, improve communication skills, team spirit, individually give value added (more than is expected) to each customer to retain them.
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Empowering Your Front Line -- How to Manage Customer Relations
Learn keys to creating a service culture where front line staff enjoy taking responsibility for customer's experience. Learn what to do and what to avoid to increase employee and customer retention and attraction. Create the powerful sales-through-service competitive edge through your front line.
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Winning With Teamwork
How to lead your team to establish new attitudes, learn what inspired team leaders possess, set realistic goals, develop trust, problem solve, praise, learn words and phrases to avoid and others to use instead, predetermine team success, create win-win for internal and external customers alike.
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Up Selling and Cross Selling -- Moments of Magic
Learn secrets to bridging from service to sales mind set, learn how to listen for service and sales cues, use cues to give service and close sales, acquire and maintain positive attitudes, voice magic, word choices to increase service and sales, and successfully create a new customer service or order entry profit center.
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Coaching and Developing Staff for Increased Customer Satisfaction
Bring out the best in individuals, learn four coaching styles and techniques for improving performance, develop awareness of when to coach or counsel, work positively with all behavior styles, motivate to reduce burnout and turnover, improve employee relations, and provide tools for better service and satisfaction.
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Leadership Tools For Managers
Unlock energy, creativity, new service attitude in yourself and others, understand and be understood, increase communication, improve interactive people skills, empower from the inside out, keep balance through change, intuitively problem solve with success, and design strategies to raise productivity and service.
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Skill Building for Help Desk and Service Professionals
Learn powerful motivation tools, positive attitudes, listening and communication skills, no-fail steps of support call, defusing angry customers, team mind set, cooperation and goals. This will inspire reps to excel, to give service excellence in support challenges, and enhance department and company images.
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Outbound Calling -
Tools to Knock Your Customers' Socks Off

Learn powerful and proven ways to help staff take total responsibility for customer's experiences, and continue to please customers for additional business in inbound and outbound call centers. Inspire reps to excel, learn what top-producing inside sales and service reps know and do to consistently succeed when adding outbound calling to their daily routine.
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Improving Call Center Service With Employee Empowerment
Learn quality monitoring and feedback to staff, create higher standards, increase use of customer feedback, introduce new training techniques, steps, stages and strategies for service and sales, change hiring philosophy, obtain upper management's support, motivate staff to higher productivity and profits.
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Managing Productivity to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Learn new ways to persuade, lead, excite pride and accomplishment, think out of the box, break old assumptions, eliminate fear, deal with inherited staff; manage conflict, diversity, change and stress; recharge staff and yourself for increased service and sales immediately.
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