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Customer Service Management in a Telemarketing Environment
The Key to Corporate Survival

Management, customer service and telecommunications. This book combines all three, and is an excellent guide for management and front line in all industries. With true empowerment of people, general communication, inbound customer service, help desk, order entry and outbound telemarketing, companies are finding the phone is more cost effective and faster, to reach and satisfy customers. This is a great management tool even if you don't oversee telecommunications. It will help you empower your staff and excite them toward a positive "Yes, yes, yes!" environment.

Hardback (146 pages) -- $34.95   Ordering Information

The College of Customer Care
For Anyone Who Can Ruin Your Business in the Eyes of Your Customers

  • Develop A Winning Attitude
  • Quality Traits of a Professional
  • How to Be an Effective Team Player
  • Communication Skills
  • Understanding Customer Service
  • Businesses Liked and Disliked
  • Customer Complaints and Retention
  • How To Give Total Customer Care
  • 10-10-10 Theory
  • Handling Complaints
  • Value Added Service -- Going the Extra Mile
  • Becoming The Best In Your Industry

Audiotape album with workbook -- $79.95   Ordering Information

Empowering Your Front Line
How to Manage Customer Relations

Customer service consultant JJ Lauderbaugh shares a proven four-module learning system for managing employees and internal and external customer relations. Recorded live before participants from a number of industries, this dynamic video will teach you the principles and techniques to empower your front line and increase sales. In this high content presentation you will:

  • Learn how to provide support mechanisms and skills for front line personnel
  • Learn principles and techniques of sales through service
  • Evaluate present management styles
  • Understand total customer care
  • Empower with company vision and training
  • Manage customer satisfaction program better

Video (1 hr, 40 min) -- $59.95   Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Learning Tools by JJ Lauderbaugh

Customer Service Management
   in a Telemarketing Environment
The College of Customer Care (8-tape album)
Empowering Your Front Line --
   How to Manage Customer Relations
Learning System (all three; save $25)


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