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"Your hard work and dedication in leading 17 seminars to our customers and prospects has made the 800 TIPS for Call Centers program one of MCI's most successful to date. The success stories continue to come in from our branches about how the seminar strengthened relationships with our customers, provided new insight to call center management and most importantly positioned MCI to gain new revenue opportunities from many of our customers and new prospects."

“Our customers first comment about our service is on how friendly, professional and courteous our reps are when talking to them on the phone. Your workshop has made a lasting impression on everyone in the center and we have used many of the techniques you taught us. You have inspired us to be positive and say “yes!” often and your book has been read and techniques applied by all management in the center.”

“I think it was great that my employer was willing to go the extra distance for us and bring in someone motivational like this to get these positive concepts out to some of the people that we work with (including myself). It has really made a positive impact on the workplace. I would highly recommend a Lauderbaugh seminar to anyone in a position to develop their team into its potential.”

“Each month the numbers grow beyond anyone’s expectations. In the last six months our Customer Service Dept. has generated $281K in additional sales through the use of your programs. I can never thank you enough for the support and training you have given me over the past year. I have to thank you for a great part of my success at Weaver Leather.”

“Our second module of College of Customer Care was really on target for our primary needs of conflict resolution and achieving the “smile” over the phone. Lauderbaugh training has helped us move the level of skill and ability up one notch. Again, our thanks for the professional and painstaking approach to addressing our needs and all the pre-meeting assessments to custom fit our needs.”


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