Your most important customer is the one you have in front of you right now.

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The following articles by JJ Lauderbaugh address challenges often confronted by companies in many industries, and offer solutions to them.

"Coaching and Developing Call Center Staff"
Managers need to mentor and coach their staffs to give extraordinary care, and realize that the call center rep is the company to the customer.

"How to Win at Upselling and Cross-Selling"
Done adroitly, cross-selling and upselling are effective ways to increase revenue. But they involve training reps to think differently about selling.

"Telemarketing: How to Gather the Data You Need over the Phone"
What's the best way to get information about customers and prospects? The phone. And you can gather information on calls that are already being made.

"The Voice -- It's the Front Line of Customer Service"
Our choice of words and tone of voice give very strong messages of our underlying attitudes as they shift during a conversation. This article shows how to master the voice -- essential to successful telemarketing.

"How to Deal with Irate Customers"
"It takes $10,000 worth of effort and advertising to get a customer. It takes 10 seconds to lose a customer, and it takes 10 years to get a customer back." If you wish to avoid the last two situations, this article shows you how.

Techniques for Managing Customer Relations

Should I take a risk in my business? How do I empower my company? What should my company be committed to? These three articles cover the above questions and provide tips on how to go about choosing an answer that is right for your business.

"Reap the Harvest through  Empowerment!"

"Re-engineering to Success"

"Commitment Leads to Customer Satisfaction"

"e-Customer Service"

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