Your most important customer is the one you have in front of you right now.

Lauderbaugh & Associates

Tips for Customer Calls

Phrases to Avoid Phrases to Use Instead
The cost is... The rate/fee/item is...
You got a problem? How can I help you?
Your request was timely but we also need... And we also...
You didn't sign it. We'll also need your signature on the last line.
You're wrong/unfair... I can see there's been a miscommunication.
It's not my job/department. Let me see what I can do to help.
My boss messed up again... I'm sorry for your inconvenience.
It's that darn computer again... It appears an error has been made.
This is the third time we've heard that today. We're sorry you have been invonvenienced.
It's our policy... I'll check to see if you can...
I don't know... Let me find out for you.
Who's calling? May I ask who is calling?
May I tell her who's calling?
You'll have to... Would you mind...
I've never heard of that happening before. Thank you for telling me...
Have a nice day... Thank you, call back again.

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